The Seventh Indian Control Conference (ICC-7) will take place online from December 20, 2021 to December 22, 2021. This conference is organised by IIT Bombay in collaboration with the Control Society. TIH Foundation for IoT and IoE are one of the partners of this conference. It is a 3-day event with the first day dedicated to tutorials and workshops.

On December 20, 2021, TIH Foundation for IoT and IoE (TIH-IoT) will be conducting a tutorial on Internet of Things (IoT). The tutorial will be delivered by the faculty members from IIT Bombay who have rich experience in the field of IoT.

Objective of the tutorial:

  • To provide a basic introduction to students and research scholars on developing an IoT based system, including the various components of such a system.

  • It will cover aspects that need to be considered in design and implementation of IoT based systems.

  • It will also provide a learning platform to the participants about IoT and motivate them to do further research in the IoT technology and it’s applications to solve real life challenges which are beneficial for the society.

Format of the tutorial:

  • Tutorial will be conducted via online mode with theory lectures and demonstration of experimental part.

  • The lecture parts will cover systems level aspects of sensors, networks, and computing involved in IoT systems.

  • There will be an associated demonstration/lab session that will be a walk-through of building an IoT system for a simple weather monitoring setup. This will include interfacing a basic IoT system to some sensors, the associated interfacing, communication, computation and analysis of data acquired through the IoT sensor setup.

  • The lecture and lab sessions will be integrated to give a complete picture of a basic IoT system.

Schedule of the Tutorial:

Date: December 20, 2021

Click here for the details of the tutorial sessions – Indian Control Conference (




8:30 am to 9:50 am

A Tutorial on Internet of Things (IoT): 1

3:30 pm to 4:50 pm

A Tutorial on Internet of Things (IoT): 2

6:10 pm to 8:30 pm

A Tutorial on Internet of Things (IoT): 3

Registration details:

Registration for the tutorial on IoT is free only for participants who have registered for the conference. To know the details of the registration of the conference, click here

How to register for the tutorial:

Step 1: Please register for the conference here

Step 2: Please register for the tutorial here

A certificate of participation will be provided from TIH-IoT to all the attendees of the tutorial.

Last date to registration: December 15, 2021.

The meeting link will be sent to the registered participants after the last day of registration.