Expert Council

Formation of Expert Council is aimed at creating a pool of experts in the field of IoT and IoE by bringing together the individuals from industry, academia, government, R&D units, and start-ups, who might be interested in contributing to the knowledge development and research opportunities in the field of IoT and IoE.

Role of the Expert Council

  • Consultancy/advisory role in knowledge and technology development, research and project implementation.
  • Participation in the review and evaluation of the technical proposals, projects, courses, etc
  • Participation in the recruitment of manpower, selection of fellows, etc.
  • Advising/Mentoring startups, industries, Government, and regulatory bodies
  • Participation in various knowledge exchange forums.

Criteria for nomination

  • The expert should either be associated with an Industry/Academic institution /Government organization/ R&D organization or working as an independent consultant in the areas of IoT & IoE.
  • The individual should have expertise in one or more areas related to IoT & IoE technology or in the relevant domain/function in which IoT/IoE technologies can be Implemented.

Express your interest

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