The TIH-IoT with joint support from the Deshpande Foundation is organizing an offline (in-person) Round Table Discussion on “Technologies for IoT and IoE in Agriculture” from 09:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs on Friday 23, Sept 2022 at the Collaborative Classroom, 4th Floor, Girish Gaitonde Lecture Hall Complex, EE Dept. IIT Bombay. It will enable the futuristic technologies developed/to-be-developed at TIH-IoT in the Agriculture Sector to solve the problems of the end user (progressive farmer, AgriTech industry) and provide deployable solutions.


The round table with various stakeholders is organized to understand the current state of knowledge and technologies and future prospects in the Agriculture Sector and identify the areas where IoT based solutions can be deployed to solve the problems of the end user (progressive farmer, AgriTech industry). Industry sector, technologists, scientists, academicians, and other stakeholders need to brainstorm and work in unison to develop Decision Support Systems that will enable the user (farmer) to provide assistance for making decisions in real time. The round table with various stakeholders will aim for visualizing a few feasible futuristic products for AgriTech.


The participation is on invite. Various stakeholders are grouped as Technology Developers, Technology Aggregators, Policy Guidance and Customers. These groups will discuss to provide the pathway for future technologies and application areas to focus on and the work to be planned with TIH-IoT, IIT Bombay and other interested TIHs.

Agricuture IoT

Expected Outcome

  • Research projects alignment to market needs.
  • Alignment of Stakeholders like Government, Academia, Industry, and progressive farmer.
  • Increase participation from the industry.
  • Narrow down to challenging problem(s) to be launched in the Agriculture domain with focused research and commercialization possibilities and larger social impact.
  • Collaboration with other TIHs in these areas.
  • Future projects and its alignment with TIH IoT technology focus areas.
  • Potential industry partners for the commercialization of technology.
  • New application areas for any available technology.