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Technology Verticals

IoT in HealthCare

In a large country like India, providing healthcare to citizens poses some unique challenges. These challenges can be overcome through effective governance by leveraging technology. IoT are at the forefront of these possibilities. Some of these possibilities are:

  • Wearable devices with sensors can monitor patients and their vital parameters
  • Ingestible sensors for smart diagnosis
  • AI based solutions for medical conditions based on patient history
  • 24×7 emergency notifications to health professionals
  • Rural healthcare through last mile solutions
  • End-to-end connectivity and affordability while providing medical aid
  • Regulating hospital footfalls based on real-time data
  • Data based policy development and disbursal by Insurance companies

The widespread acceptance of healthcare-specific IoT products like biosensors opens up opportunities. The huge amount of data generated by these connected devices hold the potential to change the face of healthcare. Some of the broad benefits to be gained are cost reduction, smarter treatment, faster disease diagnosis, error reduction and resource management.