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Technology Verticals

IoT in Security

Smart security systems combined with sophisticated technology would bring a new dawn to how security of people and assets takes place. These systems would include: Connected devices, Sensors, Video technologies, Artificial Intelligence, IoT based alarm systems bound together with advanced software and analytics. These can be used in applications like:

  • Use live video surveillance with facial recognition to track and trace
  • Monitor processes and people using WiFi or cellular connectivity
  • Deliver Security Alerts
  • Protect critical assets from loss
  • Use predictive analytics to beef up security
  • Make informed decisions and improve processes

The future of the Internet of Things in the foreseeable future are quite promising. Increased network dexterity, Big data processing and Machine learning combined Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI and also the ability to deploy that is to implement, automate, coordinate with other devices will ensure better security of human and inanimate assets.