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Technology Verticals

IoT in Education

Education has already taken a massive leap in turning digital with student accessing quality education within their homes, supervised and evaluated by teachers and staff from the existing setup. IoT could add immense value in adding to this digitization of education. The goal for any nation is to ultimately impart quality education that is Affordable, Attractive, and Accessible. IoT could provide this gateway.

  • Technology-supported gamification and real-time formative assessment can increase students test scores and conceptual understanding as well as enhancing students’ creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills.
  • Online interfaces can also widen teaching and learning opportunities.
  • IoT can allow for monitoring of student activities, recording attendance etc.
  • Technology also presents opportunities for globalization and intercultural collaboration.
  • Newer technologies present opportunities to impart education with students with special needs through newer mediums.

The role of education and skills in promoting innovation is critical. In recent years governments have invested heavily in information and communications technology (ICT) in schools. Schools are adapting devices like e-books which can be downloaded and made available with various features like zooming and recording. Smart devices are being connected to a central server to supervise, control and impart authorized curriculum.

In addition to this, voice command systems for teachers, speech to text-based note-taking systems for the students,  and smartphones with educational apps are changing the face of how education is imparted.